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Our beginnings

When Al started building guitars nearly 25 years ago, he was seeking to improve the instrument. To elevate the construction and materials beyond the standards set by the rest of the industry. Having achieved that, as evidenced by the dozens of professional musicians who have come to swear by their Farnell guitars and basses, it's time to look beyond the the instrument, and start looking at the artists who play them. Artists like yourself. 

The road ahead

We have created an artists spotlight where, each month, we can give the front page of our site to one of the many talented individuals making music with our products. We want to support you as an artist in every way possible. If we can help someone new discover your music, we think that's great.

What we're not

We aren't looking to ship a million units to Guitar Center or Musician's friend. We won't be scouting for big-name endorsements from signed artists. We aren't looking to put a cheap sweatshop-built guitar under the bed of every kid who begs loud enough.

Acquiring a Farnell musical instrument

We want to make getting your hands on one of our guitars as easy as possible. This means we are going to go out of our way to accommodate you, regardless of whether you're purchasing one of our high quality midrange instruments, or a tricked out custom piece. Farnell makes instruments you'll own for life!

The takeaway...

Farnell Music Technology is dedicated first and foremost to serving the working musician as completely as possible. We do this by providing generous warranty coverage, and truly innovative instruments! We will remain committed to pushing technological boundaries and delivering the best sounding, best playing, longest lasting, and most environmentally conscious instruments in the industry. Let's make music together.